Aleena (relinya) wrote,

So much to update so little time....

First I will start with....I roughly have 20 days left of work! wooooooo 
secondly I am seriously getting sick of my dumb customers though ><

In other news there must be something seriously wrong with me....mentally....yea....ok that is probably not news to most of you.....but I will explain why this time...

ok so do you know those parents that don't really pay attention to their they walk far in front of them or seem to ignore them?

well I was walking to work the other day and I passed a few of these along the way....and I thought to hard would it be to steal one of these children? 

I deduced that it wouldn't be hard at all actually because I work at a gelato I could be like why hello little child would you like some ice cream? 



Like I said I'm mentally special! 

well the parents would never notice! :D

and I just had some whiskey at work....wooooooo  ^_^

it is slightly awkward to be at work and have the people who are taking over your business to be here measuring and prodding while I am here....but guess what I don't care!!!! 


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