Aleena (relinya) wrote,

More of the crazy chocolate shit....

So my manager and our boss had a meeting with the building manager about what happened two sun. ago. (or is it three now it took me a while to update :\)

the building manager said well I'll talk to the mexican restaurant to see if they can use better products. Valerie and Jim both said that isnt enough b/c Ponos pushed one of their employees.

(Jim is my boss)

So Jim says I'm getting Ponos he needs to be here... so he gets him and when Ponos comes outside they say we need to talk. and he said "not now not like this!" and Jim said "no we need to talk about this and today"

and ponos kept saying no no no.

and then Ponos started walking back to his store so Jim said "oh ok you want to talk in your store" and followed him but Ponos was like no outside!

so the four of them went out side to discuss the door issue and what happened on sunday. and ponos started blaming Valerie for everything saying it was all her fault and we were plaing games with him trying to ruin his business. goes on and on and finally Valerie gets fed up and starts yelling at him...

this goes on for ten minutes...until finally Valerie says to him "WE ARENT PLAYING GAMES WITH YOU WE ARE COLD!" and then storms inside.

SO then they were like ok we will look at the video tapes and see what we find.

so yesterday the building owner said that nothing on the tapes look suspicious....but he is a lying mother fucker. cause he also said the security tapes were on his computer but they are upstairs...

I want to see this video. cause I witnessed all of this and there was lots of suspicious shit.,

grrr =|
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